Church Pictures

Church Pictures

Sunday, October 2, 2011

  Hi everyone! My name is Perdido.  My mommy finally figured out how to make a blog. I have grown so much since you have last seen me.  I went to the vet the other day and I weigh 28lbs now. I live on this huge farm with so many animals.  I see mini donkey's, tons of barn cats, a little pony and these huge things called cows.  I get very scared when I hear the sound "hee haw". I like to play with the dogs here. We have a huge grassy area that is mowed down perfect for me to run and find things faster than my other friends.
  I have been going to church every Sunday with my mommy.  Everyone loves me, especially the children.  I go for walks everyday. I especially like finding all the acorns but for some reason I'm not allowed to eat them.  As soon as I get my vest my mommy plans on taking me into stores with her.  I plan on flashing my sparkling eyes and my lovely smile so lots of people with stop and give me attention.
   I love the water.  I have been to the lake in Lawrence and Topeka.  I see these tiny little bugs sitting on top of the water and try to jump in after them but can't seem to catch them. I love to run and splash in the water. Mommy always laughs when I splash her in the tub. Do I ever get to take naps? Oh yes! I love my kennel and power naps when I have the whole house to myself.  It's so quiet in the country.
  My favorite thing to do is sit out in the leaves and try to catch them when they start to fly away.  I also find it fascinating to watch birds fly over my head. I wonder where they are going?  There are some BIG birds I've seen that make this sound "gobble gobble."